Kimo of CSB, Jonathan of GLB, and Anne Statton of PACPI at The Call!

Kimo of Chicago Spirit Brigade, Jonathan of Great Lakes Bears, and Anne Statton of PACPI at The Call!

This spring, Chicago Spirit Brigade (CSB) held the Spring Fling Drag Review featuring Ashley Morgan at The Call to raise money for PACPI. Another local organization, the Great Lakes Bears of Chicago, committed to matching the CSB funds raised that night. Such generosity, we were almost left speechless! We received a donation of more than $1,600 from the Spring Fling.

CSB uses their athletic abilities and love for performing to raise funds for direct care services of men, women, and children living with life-threatening challenges like HIV/AIDS. Every dollar donated to their blue buckets is matched by CSB thanks to their Spread the Cheer fund.

PACPI was also invited to attend and speak at CSB’s Starry Night fundraiser in July for the Spread the Cheer fund, which was created to support organizations like ours.