Illinois has the sixth highest number of HIV transmission in the United States in 2011 at 2,142. From the beginning of the epidemic in 1981 through 2008, Illinois ranked eighth highest in the nation with 37,880 cumulative reported AIDS transmission. Of those diagnosed with AIDS, more than 16,500 have died.

The AIDS Foundation of Chicago estimates that 40-50 Illinoisans are transmitted the HIV virus each week and 10,000 Illinoisans do not know that they are HIV-positive.

Most recent breakdown:

  • In 2010, 1,681 people were diagnosed with HIV in Illinois:
    • 19% of people diagnosed were women, 64% of whom are identified as black, 14% are white, and 10% are Hispanic.
  • In 2010, 32,675 people are known to be living with HIV in Illinois:
    • 339 individuals were perinatally exposed.
    • 7,172 (22%) are women, 67% of whom are identified as black, 16% are white, and 13% are Hispanic.
  • 84% of people with HIV diagnoses in Illinois reside in the Chicago-metro area.
  • In Chicago, heterosexual contact accounts for 86% of HIV diagnoses among women

The Illinois Department of Public Health issues regular surveillance reports on HIV/AIDS. Click here for the most recent reports.

Information provided by Illinois Department of Public Health, Chicago Department of Public Health, and AIDS Foundation of Chicago.