Your voice is needed. There are always a variety of bills and campaigns underway to help improve the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS. Your opinion needs to be heard at City Hall in Chicago, in the capital building in Springfield, and in Washington, D.C. so legislators know the importance of this issue.

When PACPI participates in any special events they will be posted on the News & Events section of our website and you can always check Facebook and Twitter. If you’re interested in advocating for PACPI’s work in other ways, please contact us at

We consider donating to PACPI to be a form of advocacy. Private and public donors are the reason our services exist, meeting needs for women that are not provided elsewhere. Donate today.

Please also check out the advocacy section of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago website and consider the following options:

  • Send an email to your legislator
  • Join a group traveling to Springfield to lobby Illinois legislators for better policy
  • Tell your story. There are scholarships available to send people living with HIV/AIDS to Washington to participate in bringing the message of HIV/AIDS to Congress. The stories of people living with HIV/AIDS help break down barriers and put a face on the epidemic.

Whatever you can do, however small, helps. Please get involved.