PACPI’s programs focus on vulnerable women living with HIV in Illinois. No pregnant woman with HIV or infant exposed to HIV should fall through the cracks for care and treatment.

PACPI continues to see advances for women living with HIV and their children. Illinois has maintained a high proportion of pregnant women who know their HIV status at the time of delivery and the number of infants diagnosed with HIV continues to be very low.

A tremendous amount of resources have been brought to bear on this work – from legislative efforts in Springfield to the work of labor and delivery nurses to ensure that every pregnant woman knows her status, to our enhanced case managers who follow up on a rapid HIV test with a preliminary positive result at a local hospital.

Our Programs Include:
The Safety Net of Perinatal Prevention in Illinois

The Safety Net of Perinatal Prevention plays a significant role in preventing HIV transmission in Illinois. Each of the following elements of the Safety Net serve the most vulnerable women and families in the state.

Perinatal HIV Prevention Act

  • Mandated HIV counseling of all pregnant women, in each pregnancy;
  • Opt-out testing in each pregnancy;
  • HIV test results documented in mother and newborn charts;
  • Rapid HIV tests recommended on Labor and Delivery to women with undocumented HIV status
  • Mandatory testing of newborns ASAP after birth if mom’s status in unknown;
  • Hospitals report preliminary positive women/infants to the Hotline within 24 hours; and
  • Hospitals report perinatal exposure of newborns and monthly delivery statistics.

24/7 Illinois Perinatal HIV Hotline

  • Receives calls from providers to link women who are HIV-positive to medical care and case management services and provides real-time, state-of-the-art medical consultation.
  • The official state reporting mechanism for positive rapid HIV tests in Labor and Delivery units.
  • Modest funding allows for critical tangible supports to women living with HIV downstate.

Rapid HIV Testing in Labor & Delivery Units Statewide

  • Implementation of rapid HIV testing done statewide with the help of regional perinatal networks.
  • Testing rates and documentation of maternal HIV status tracked via monthly reporting.
  • Positive rapid tests reported to the Hotline for immediate assistance.
  • Monthly reporting helps to identify issues and offer assistance to reporting hospitals.
  • Monthly follow-up on missed mother/baby pairs (those discharged without a documented HIV status) to improve the system.

Enhanced Perinatal HIV Case Management

  • Links women to specialty HIV/OB care in Chicago, Cook County, and collar counties through PACPI, and the rest of the state through partnerships with local Ryan White Case Managers.
  • Assists with connection to social services as needed, including crisis and emergency needs.
  • On call with the Hotline for cases in the Chicago and collar county areas.

Additional Aspects of the Safety Net