Through a grant from the Illinois Department of Public Health, PACPI is able to offer Directly Observed Therapy, known as DOT, for pregnant women and their newborns that need extra assistance in taking their medications.

DOT is offered either as a home-based service or as inpatient in the hospital.  This strategy has been successful in helping to reduce viral loads which are critical to the prevention of HIV transmission from mother to child. The service is usually offered to patients with detectable viral loads over 1,000 copies/ml in the last trimester of pregnancy as well as moms who need assistance with providing medication to their newborn.

Medication must be taken twice daily for both mother and newborn, so home-based DOT workers observe medication adherence twice daily including weekends and holidays. Clients receiving home-based DOT need to be PACPI case managed clients to maximize coordination of care.

For assistance in linking a client with Directly Observed Therapy, please call 312-334-0974.