PACPI offers a specialized case management program designed for pregnant, HIV-positive women who need extra support during their pregnancies.  Coordinated services ensure that women get the help and support they need to ensure a healthy pregnancy and birth, as well as postpartum care for both mother and her HIV-exposed infant.

PACPI collaborates with the Ryan White-funded Northeastern Illinois HIV/AIDS Case Management Cooperative and the Illinois 24/7 Perinatal HIV Hotline to link HIV-positive mothers and their infants to a safety net of services both during and after pregnancy.

Our program serves women in the Chicago and collar county area, including Cook, Lake, McHenry, DeKalb, Kane, DuPage, and Will counties. Through the Hotline, clients from other counties can be linked with a qualified case manager trained in pregnancy and HIV issues. 

PACPI enhanced case managers prepare women for a healthy pregnancy, healthy birth, healthy baby, and healthy life.

For more information about enhanced case management, contact anne@pacpi.org.


PACPI enhanced case management services are tailored to individual client/family needs. Services provided may include:

  • Adherence support for prenatal and HIV medical visits
  • Escort clients to clinic appointments
  • Assist clients in applying for benefits
  • Assistance with transportation, food vouchers, housing, WIC
  • Identify additional medical and social service needs
  • Facilitate appropriate referrals for other specific needs
  • Linkage for specialty pediatric care
  • Family counseling for partners, parents, etc.
  • Linkage to testing of partners and other children
  • Primary and secondary HIV prevention planning
  • Prenatal classes and links to support groups
  • Development of a birth plan
  • Facilitate access to emergency needs
  • Bilingual services
  • Immediate assistance for women with a preliminary positive rapid HIV test at labor and delivery

Rapid Tests

The Rapid HIV Antibody Test is a federal Food and Drug Administration-approved screening test to detect antibodies to HIV, which can be collected and processed in less than an hour.

The enhanced case manager will assist hospital staff caring for women with preliminary positive rapid HIV tests.  In most cases, an enhanced case manager will visit the mother in the hospital within hours of the test being reported to the Hotline and offer counseling and support during the sensitive time between the preliminary test and the confirmatory result.

Standing appointments have been made at each of the six HIV/OB specialty care hospitals in the Chicagoland area to allow a maximum of choice for each newly diagnosed or newly referred client. PACPI enhanced case managers will work with the mother to make sure she is referred to the programs that best suit her individual needs.

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Clients can be referred:

  • Through the Illinois 24/7 Perinatal HIV Hotline, 1-800-439-4079
  • Through the AIDS Foundation of Chicago Case Management Cooperative, 312-922-2322
  • Directly from HIV and obstetric clinics
  • Directly from a community-based or social service agency (either through calling the Hotline or AFC telephone numbers)

To make a referral, please download the appropriate referral form below and have it signed by the client. Please fax the form to our secure machine at 312-334-0973.  It’s important to include a telephone number of either the client or the referring agency to help establish contact with the client.

PACPI Referral Form 2014 (PDF)