PACPI’s prenatal classes are unlike any other. Our class is open to the community so any HIV-positive pregnant woman, regardless of where she is receiving care, can attend our class. Classes are held in three sessions and partners or close family members are welcome so they can learn together about HIV, pregnancy, and parenthood.

PACPI prenatal classes consist of three four-hour sessions, or twelve total hours of small group instruction. Class size ranges from three to ten women in addition to any support persons attending. Classes are conducted throughout the year and are open to all HIV-positive pregnant women.  Class topics include:

  • General information on HIV, with particular emphasis on pregnancy
  • Aspects of labor and delivery, doctor relations, birth control, and sexually-transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Nutrition during pregnancy and while taking HIV medication
  • General infant care and administering AZT
  • HIV prevention care
  • Information on drug exposure and interaction, research trials, and more


  • Transportation to and from class can be arranged
  • A meal is provided
  • Partners and family are welcome and encouraged to attend

After the final session, moms are sent home with a diaper bag stocked with a variety of items, and once they deliver, a new infant car seat is provided to take baby home from the hospital.

“I was surprised to see so many people going through the same things as me. You never know how many women are dealing with this. It’s a comfortable setting and you know you’re not being judged.”

-Victoria, PACPI Case Managed Mom and Prenatal Class Participant

To register or to find out when the next class is being held, call 312-334-0971 or email